Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one pet photographed in any session?
Yes, just add 15% to the package price (per dog/horse)  if you would like your animals photographed together.

My dog/horse is a rescue and is extremely nervous of new people, will this be a problem?
Not at all, aside from photography I work for the RSPCA at their equine rehoming centre so I am used to dealing with nervous animals and am happy to spend additonal time for your pet to get comfortable.

Should I have the pet groomed before the photography session? It's not required for them to be groomed, although some owners may wsh for their animal to bathed and groomed for the session. It is advised though that the face, eyes, nose and mouth are clean and clear.

Should I have my hair and make up done for the session?
This is completely your choice and I always recommend that you are comfortable for the session and that you know you'll feel comfortable in front of the camera

Should I bring along some of the dog's favourite toys?
Yes, please do, balls and other toys that the dog enjoys are very helpful and we can often use these to obtain good action shots.

Should I bring any pet food treats?
If your animal is food driven in terms of rewards, then please do bring some of their favourite treats with you. In my experience, horses respond well to treats and it can help with getting ears forward or encouraging them to turn their heads in a certain way.

What clothing or footwear is necessary for the session?
If you are just handling the animal and do not intend on being photographed, please wear outdoor clothing that you are comfortable with. However if you wish to be photographed, it is your choice what you wear, although we usually suggest a 'smart casual' dress code. If it is a famimly photoshoot, avoid wearng clashing colours or clothes with different patterns.

TIP! Children can look very smart in matching clothing if they are young enough to not protest!!

Can we bring our own camera or video to the photography session?
This is not allowed - I need your help controlling the animal. Bringing your own camera will also interfere with my work and this will not allow me to produce a high qualitiy product.

My pet is not very well behaved and will not stand still – is this a problem?
Although more difficult, it is not a problem. We can work with your pet however they are most comfortable. If this is the case we will try our best not to rush the session and do not panic if time overruns.

How long will it take to receive my package after the photo shoot?
It can take up to 14 days for your digital gallery to be available. Physcial prints can take 28 days from the session to be finialised and shipped - however if there are delays at the print lab this cannot be helped.

Can I choose the image for my final large format print?
Yes, your digital images will be posted online in a secure Pixiset gallery where they can be downloaded for social media. Once viewed you need to contact us and tell us whch photo you are choosing for your print.


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